Autumn flowering Albuca sp?

Rimmer deVries
Tue, 14 Oct 2014 12:55:49 PDT
This little plant is blooming now in a 6” pot on my porch.…

the stems are about 3 inches tall, 
the flower is green and white, but it not very showy, 
the flower never opens, the best is when it is in bud, as the tepals fade within a few minutes after opening away from the ovary. 

I dont see any stamens or stigmas on the flower but it makes a large ovary.  

it came in the 2012 NARGS seed ex as  # 83 from a donor in Japan that was described as ex JCA 15856.

I read somewhere on the web that JCA 15856 is Albuca unident.

does anyone know if this name is correct?

Thank you

soggy SE MI
Zone 5

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