Reds spots on pancratium

Tue, 21 Oct 2014 15:58:33 PDT
Other than red spots and leaf damage, what damage does Stagnospora curtisii do to bulbs?

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 It happens when the bulbs are not
 warm enough, (or dormant), and therefor
 not using as much water as they have in the compost. I find
 that chemicals
 are not needed, improved conditions allow the bulb to heal.
 The first thing to do is get the compost drier, and make
 sure that it has
 plenty of air content. Then wait until the bulb tries to
 grow and needs
 water. Also, ensure that temperatures are adequate for the
 species in
 I believe that mites can exacerbate the problem.
 Peter (UK)
 On 13 October 2014 03:08, <>
 > This disease is caused by Stagonospora curtisii. 
 I have not been
 > consistently successful in curing bulbs. You can try
 heat baths 104-114oF
 > 30 minutes. Thyophanate methyl ( I haven't tried other
 fungicides) seems to
 > work best when applied after removing leaves in the
 fall, wetting the top
 > of the bulb completely or dipping the bulb in fungicide
 as it goes into
 > dormancy and again during dry storage and again as the
 bulb breaks dormancy
 > as the bud emerges. Cool damp storage or spring weather
 seems to spread or
 > exacerbate the symptoms.
 > > On Oct 11, 2014, at 11:26 AM, Rimmer deVries
 > wrote:
 > >
 > > Does any know what these red spots  are? Is
 this a virus or ?
 > >
 > > They show up on almost all amaryllis type 
 bulbs sourced from Holland.
 > >
 > >
 > >
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