Rubber mulch

Erik Van Lennep
Sat, 11 Oct 2014 00:26:50 PDT
Woah there! Rubber tires are very toxic. Disposing of them is often treated
as hazardous waste. The fact that little to nothing grows through them is
definitely not a selling point, especially when considering their
application in horticulture.

Rubber dust (from tire wear) is considered one of the reasons that cities
in general, and living close to any major traffic corridor is statistically
more likely to give you cancer, as well as other diseases from weakened
immune systems. They are nasty blends of substances hostile to life.

Just think about walking into a tire store or mechanic's garage on a summer
day, where tires are piled up. Remember the smell? Did you leave with a
headache, an inexplicable weariness, or a bit queasy in your stomach;
possibly even a bit melancholic for no specific reason? That's from
breathing in the fumes emitted by the tires. The fumes lessen over time, as
they get dumped into our air and water, but there will be plenty left in
the shreds (and shredding massively increases surface area for fresh

So tempting as they may be, best avoided.


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