Keyboard was Rubber mulch

Sun, 12 Oct 2014 12:05:20 PDT
This message is a good example of why at least some of the previous message
needs to be left for reference.  Until now I had no idea what Alberto's bit
of hurling something from a window had to do with.  And yes, I to remember
blank keys!


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Subject: Re: [pbs] Keyboard was Rubber mulch

Tim wrote to Alberto

> Looks like you are having trouble with your "v".  When I called tech 
> support for the same problem, they told me to turn the keyboard over 
> and smack it on my desk

Alberto replied

> The problem is that it is brand new and not cheap: I was wondering if 
> hurling it through the window nine stories down would not fix it.

Most more-expensive keyboards have keys that can be removed for cleaning, or
pranks on teachers, fellow workers or relatives. There is a special tool for
this purpose, often available at computer stores. A small 2-tined fork, such
as a pickle fork, can also be used for this purpose, as can a nutpick. A
nine-story drop with some added kinetic energy at the start will cause the V
key to behave the same as the other keys.

A given spot on the keyboard will always produce the same letter no matter
what is printed on the key. Key assignment can be changed with software. A
good prank is to remove the keys and then put them back on the keyboard in
alphabetical order. Or, see how many bulbous genera you can spell out
without reusing keys. (Bulb content alert.)

Years ago in high school/secondary school I took typing tests on manual
typewriters whose keys had been replaced overnight by the teacher with blank

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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