Lycoris identification

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:25:55 PDT
It is "Spider lily" season once again in north Louisiana and I have been cruising the old neighborhoods to see if the lycoris is blooming yet. Nothing much since we need rain, but I did spy this growing in the shade. I have never seen  any other lycoris here except a few of the yellow sorts. This stood out obviously in a dark corner of a vacant lot, of which we have many. It must have been planted long ago probably sometime before the 60's, the houses torn down and the neighborhood in a sad state.
Is it a discrete species or a hybrid? 
Obviously I do not know what the foliage looks like, I will go back and take a look in about a week or so. The stem is about 20in and there are 6 flowers in the inflorescence, these have recently sprung up and there another bud just emerging- about 6 stems in the lonely clump. Any ideas as to species?……

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