how to register a new Hippeastrum hybrid name

Lee Poulsen
Tue, 09 Sep 2014 17:51:35 PDT
I searched through some old IBS emails that I recall discussing this topic. Here are what the pertinent ones said from a conversation back in 2007:

(From Alan Meerow)
KAVB is the hippeastrum registrar. I don't know if the list is accessible.

No English version of the site.

Here is text from their registration form:
"Before choosing a name for submission for registration the editions of "The 
Classified List and International Register of Tulip Names" or "The 
International Checklist for Hyacinths and Miscellaneous Bulbs" should be 
consulted. Any name, which appears in them, should be avoided.
In choosing a name regard should also be had to the rules and 
recommendations in the "International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated 
Plants". A name, which does not conform to the Code, cannot be accepted for 
It would be appreciated if some bulbs or tubers of the cultivar to be 
registered could be sent to the KAVB to be planted in our Trial Garden."

Two other people commented on this as follows:

I believe that the individual who maintains the Hippeastrum registry at KAVB is Johan van Scheepen, and he is a member of IBS.  I suggest that you contact him directly:
Before anyone spends the money, which is pricey, for
The International Checklist for Hyacinths and
Miscellaneous Bulbs, I wanted you have some
information about it. I looked in my copy and
Hippeastrum is not listed. There are only 11 cultivars
listed under Amaryllis. There are 7 species listed
under Zephyranthes with only Ajax listed as a cultivar
there. I am unsure as to why Hippeastrum is not
included. The Dutch also produce a checklist for
tulips separately and maybe they have a separate list
for Hippeastrums, then again maybe they have only
their journal. I have written to Dr. Scheepen several
times in the past about Irises and it is always the
assistant registrar who answers and it usually takes a
month or two even by e-mail to get a response. I have
the feeling they are somewhat overwhelmed with work
and expectations.

--Lee Poulsen
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> Hello PBS hybridizers,
> We received this question via the PBS contact form. If you know how to register a new name for a Hippeastrum hybrid please write to Dylan at (and to the list as well if of general interest.) 
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>> This is a message from the PBS website for gastilbuhl. Hi, I have some new hybrids of Amaryllis (Hippeastrum). I find the way to register a new name but I can\'t. Can you help to tell me how we register a new hybrid? Thank you anyways. Dylan. --  Pacific Bulb Society web site email:
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