Galanthus 'Green Mountain'

Thu, 04 Sep 2014 10:28:08 PDT
Jim, I have seen millions of Galanthus woronowii in the wild and it grades from the Black Sea coastal weedy forms to very desirable squat and broader leaved forms with much larger flowers in the highest parts of its range. Galanthus alpinus or what is now possibly G. koenenianus takes over as you go even higher. G. x allenii is probably a hybrid of these two species that arrose when  they were grown in nursery beds side by side before being exported. They never grow together in the wild. G. rizehznsis just about meets in one place G. woronowii and produces a swarm of hybrids. I have seen in a garden in N.E. Turkey hybrids similar to G. x allenii. These most likely resulting from bringing some G. alpinus/koenenianus down from the mountains. G. woronowii grew wild nearby. 
But what your plant is I can't tell without some photographs. Maybe you could post some when it is on flower on the wiki mystery bulbs page?
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> Mark, I can't imagine anyone objecting to a posting narrowly focused on snowdrops from you or anyone else. 
> Please, snowdrop enthusiasts, post away!
> I was hoping my first post in that eventually tangled and tortured thread would elicit a comment about the name Galanthus 'Green Mountain'. "
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