trimming our replies

Erik Van Lennep
Sat, 27 Sep 2014 02:16:07 PDT
Personally, I think it's a far better plan to think about (and then agree
and apply) a solution to this, as a group, than to give up.

What's at stake?

   - Possible loss of useful and important information, due to slogging
   through endless repetitions of threads. Think of it as verbal, or "e-"
   pollution. Dumping our debris into each others mailboxes.
   - Likely loss of list members, due to frustration, impatience, or simple
   lack of time to wade through said endless repetition.
   - Reduction of online community of practice, expertise, and friendship,
   resulting in a smaller group consisting of those who have enough time on
   their hands to do the above slogging process.
   - Reduction of sources of new seeds and bulbs, because people drop out
   of the list (got you on this one, eh??)

So come on folks, what we are discussing is protocol here, and then
processes for managing that.

If we can get a robot to Mars, I think we should be able to edit our posts.


> re:
> From: Mary Sue Ittner <>
> Subject: [pbs] Including the previous messages in your posts
> *For the sake of a very large group of digest subscribers and to keep the
> archives clean please do not include the previous message/s you are
> responding to when you reply. ....Doing this will make a lot of people very
> happy.*
> and:

> From: Kenneth <>
> * ......what you are asking is a losing battle.*

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