Bulbs changing hemispheres

Chris Whitehouse cna@talktalk.net
Tue, 09 Sep 2014 00:07:41 PDT
When I moved from South Africa to England, I brought a large collection 
of bulbs with me. I moved in September, just at the start of the growing 
season for many of the South African bulbs. I had a whole variety of 
different genera in Amaryllidaceae, Oxalidaceae, Iridaceae, 
Hyacinthaceae, Haemodoraceae. The bulbs had to travel completely devoid 
of any soil to get their phytosanitary certificate, so as soon as I 
arrived I potted up the bulbs and gave them as little water as they 
could get away with until they were growing. Their first winter was 
really tough as I did not have a greenhouse yet and they were 
transported inside and outside whenever frost threatened. Despite this 
rough treatment, the vast majority pulled through and within a year had 
settled to a normal routine. The ones I struggled with were the 
Iridaceae. Very few of these survived as they had just started into 
growth, their corms had already used their resources for that season and 
they had not had time to replenish before being disturbed. Apart from 
that, anything with a largish bulb, Lachenalia, Ornithogalum, Drimia and 
absolutely all of my Amaryllidaceae, survived.

Chris Whitehouse

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> The following question came via the website from Keshab Pradhan in
> northern India:
> I just got some bulbs of Amaryllis, Gladiolus and tuberous Begonias
> from New Zealand. Since it is from southern hemisphere where it is
> spring the bulbs are in sprouting condition. We grow them here in
> February. Is it advisable to let them grow or keep them in
> refrigerator till our planting season. Grateful for advice from any
> quarter who has some knowledge on it..Thanks.
> Could some of you who have experience with similar climatic questions
> please answer? I will forward your answers to Keshab.
> Jane McGary
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