Sun, 14 Sep 2014 15:31:52 PDT
 Following up on Dell's announcement I would have a couple of things to add as Treasurer.

Most of you are very diligent about paying for BX orders and most pay even before I get the info from Dell.

Some are not.

We will begin holding back BX orders once  your balance raises above $25.00.  There are usually a great demand for Dell's offerings and it's not fair to provide the service to those who simply don't pay on a timely basis.

We are all volunteers and this is the unpleasant part of my  duties as Treasurer.

Couple of things which some of you may not know.

1. Payment via PayPal must be in US dollars.
2. Overseas Checks must be in US dollars, we can't accept money orders.  ( Fidelity doesn't accept them)
3. Please add the BX number(s) to the note section on your check or in the area provided by PayPal.
4. You can pay for more than on BX at a time as long as you provide the BX number.  
5. Payments should go to  Some continue to use this email address which will still get credited but I'm trying to keep PBS stuff in one place.

Thanks so much for the kinds notes I receive.



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