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Try pronouncing *Salvia forsskålei* in Latin.

On 3 September 2014 18:13, Kipp McMichael <kimcmich@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Peter,
>  I brought down the linguistic hammer on your confusion mainly in response
> to your unnecessary swipe at American speech. My point concerned the
> English phonetics of [k] and made no denial, or claims of any kind really,
> about linguistic history.
> The "reasons for different letters" are complex. Because english
> orthography is not a reliable reflection of english phonetics (we could do
> with both fewer letters, in the case of q/k and x for instance, and more
> letters:  th, ch, sh  deserve their own single characters), it is dangerous
> to assume every spelling difference represents a a current or historical
> phonemic distinction.
> The Roman alphabet was not the best fit for the Germanic languages many
> linguists spoke themselves - much less the Slavik and other languages they
> attempted to transliterate. In the case of the letters "k" and "q" however,
> this distinction has nothing to do with pronunciation in any english
> dialect. It is, rather, a reflection of modern (or at least "more recent")
> orthographic conventions.
> Take "quick" in modern english (UK and American): In Old English it was
> "cwic"; in Dutch "kwik"; Old High German "quec". The choice of the
> orthographic 'q' vs 'k' is/was not phonemically significant in *any* of
> these languages.
> You are free to continue to enunciate a distinction in your own idiolect,
> of course. One's choice to innovate linguistic distinctions where none
> exist should not be mistaken for good enunciation, however.
> -|<ipp
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