Tropoleum sps
Mon, 01 Sep 2014 12:48:19 PDT
As Jane points out these plants are seen to their best with something to clamber over but be careful
what you wish for as once they got going here there was no stopping them scrambling over dwarf 
conifers, climbing up lily stems until the weight bent them over and charging around and up our Betula 
and Sorbi collections, etc. 
At the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh where, amongst other things, they specialise in Chilean 
plants these roughians are raging through, under, over and up amongst the extensive Chinese specie 
Rhododendron collection amongst much else besides. I think some of the staff are giving up the will to 
live. Here despite short growing season at c. 57+ degrees North with minimum - 20 + C there is no 
stopping them now and I spend much too much time trying to rip them out each Spring and Autumn
while in leaf. With a pH of 4.5 they just love it here, any suggestions as to poor winter hardiness are 
much over stated. No dry periods here, rain, frost or snow like manna from heaven. But for my wife 
these ????? plants would be out of here now we know what potential menaces if allowed to naturalise.


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