Scilla Madeirensis

Dee Foster
Wed, 24 Sep 2014 15:04:21 PDT
Well, there has been a mistake!  I just got a call from Hans at Longfield,
and they freely admit they have shipped Scilla Peruviana in a warehouse
mix-up.  They are getting more of the correct bulbs from Israel, and will
be shipping them in the next few weeks.  I had talked to Hans on Monday
about my concerns that they were the wrong bulbs, so to be safe, he
e-mailed Israel.  They in turn sent him back some photos, and the mistake
was uncovered!  He said they'll be contacting anyone who bought the bulbs
with an e-mail apology, and will be sending the correct bulbs as soon as
they can.
I'm very pleased with their customer service!  Anyone can make a
mistake-it's all about how you handle the correction, and I think they'll
prove top-notch.  I'll keep you posted as this moves along.


On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 12:18 AM, <> wrote:

> To all who have purchased bulbs from Longfield Gardens I would like to
> reassure all members that these are the real thing. I have been involved
> with this project for over 12 years to bring this wonderful plant into
> commercial reality,from buying seeds from a collector,to growing a
> flowering bulb,then multiplying by seeds germinated in agar, then Tissue
> Culture propagation and finally to be grown in the soil by a professional
> bulb exporter in Israel. It is a great plant and flower. The only downside
> can be occasional flower bud abortion during the dormant phase in which
> case the flower will not appear in the first year,but will in subsequent
> years.This is not common,but can occur as with many bulbs.
> Hugh
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> Sent: Tuesday, 23 September 2014, 23:28
> Subject: [pbs] ScillaMadeirensis
> To all:  I just received my bulbs from Longfield Gardens, and they are,
> disappointingly, beige bulbs, not the “amethyst purple” color advertised on
> their website.  I spoke with their head  horticulturist who explained that
> they had been grown in the ground in Israel, and that they would color up
> if grown above ground (which I thought was pretty much the only way they
> grew-above ground).  Does anyone have experience with this bulb to know if
> this is true?
> I feel badly about this, as I was so amazed to see this bulb at such a
> reasonable price, that I posted about them to this website, to let others
> know.  Now I feel bad that I may have led other members down this path?
> Hopefully they are the right bulb, but does anyone know if it’s likely
> that these very, very plain beige bulbs are going to color up when grown in
> the sun?  It’s not that I’m upset about them not being a pretty color, it’s
> that I don’t see how they can be S. Madeirensis if they aren’t a deeply
> colored  purple-ish bulb?
> Thanks,
> Dee Foster
> Newport Beach, CA Z10b --where I’m starting to think about how to save the
> bath water if they put us on rationing….
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