Notholirion thomsonianum

Jane McGary
Thu, 04 Sep 2014 18:45:08 PDT
Many years ago I grew Notholirion thomsonianum from exchange seed, 
but only one plant survived to maturity. Since then I have been 
distributing bulbs of this single clone widely in the USA. It appears 
to be self-infertile, because no one gets any viable seed from their 
plants. Does anyone out there have a different clone (not originating 
with my plant) whose numerous offsets he or she might be willing to 
share, so that we can get some seed-producing populations going here?

This Himalayan Lilium relative is a beautiful, rather hardy species 
with good-sized, fragrant lavender trumpet flowers produced from a 
monocarpic bulb that leaves many offsets.

Jane McGary

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