Scilla Madeirensis

Dee Foster
Tue, 23 Sep 2014 15:28:48 PDT
To all:  I just received my bulbs from Longfield Gardens, and they are, disappointingly, beige bulbs, not the “amethyst purple” color advertised on their website.  I spoke with their head  horticulturist who explained that they had been grown in the ground in Israel, and that they would color up if grown above ground (which I thought was pretty much the only way they grew-above ground).  Does anyone have experience with this bulb to know if this is true? 
I feel badly about this, as I was so amazed to see this bulb at such a reasonable price, that I posted about them to this website, to let others know.  Now I feel bad that I may have led other members down this path?
Hopefully they are the right bulb, but does anyone know if it’s likely that these very, very plain beige bulbs are going to color up when grown in the sun?  It’s not that I’m upset about them not being a pretty color, it’s that I don’t see how they can be S. Madeirensis if they aren’t a deeply colored  purple-ish bulb?
Dee Foster
Newport Beach, CA Z10b --where I’m starting to think about how to save the bath water if they put us on rationing….

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