New BX/SX system

Sun, 14 Sep 2014 12:29:45 PDT
Dear All,

The PBS BX has been increasingly popular, and our donors have continued to be very generous. Now, we have decided to reorganize the BX so that we can continue to offer the distribution of bulbs and seeds with the ease and reasonable costs that have been our tradition as a service to members.

Bulbs, corms, etc., and VERY short-lived seed will still be offered the same way as always via the BX (Bulb Exchange). 

Seeds that can stand to be stored for a while will, henceforth, be offered only periodically but in larger batches via the PBS SX (Seed Exchange). Look for the first SX offering (PBS SX 1) on the list around the middle of October. Be sure to read the introductory message on that offering, as the instructions for ordering have changed.

ALL donations should continue to be be sent to me (Dell Sherk, 55 West High St., Salem, WV 26426, USA)

Reorganizing the PBS exchange is possible because there are members who are willing to donate their time to making it happen. There are ways that all members can help make PBS better. Read the online posts to find out how.

Best wishes,
The BX/SX team: Marilyn, Karl, Steve, and Dell

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