Waking up them winter growers?!

Michael Mace michaelcmace@gmail.com
Sat, 27 Sep 2014 20:07:41 PDT
Ken wrote:

>>Veltheimia bracteata is leafing out but not B. capensis, Boophane
haemanthoides leafing out but not Boophane disticha and none of the
Haemanthus are doing anything

B. haemanthoides is winter-growing and should be leafing out now. B.
disticha can be either summer or winter growing, depending on where yours
came from. Did it have leaves in the summer?

Haemanthus species can be either winter or summer growing; you need to look
up the species in the wiki. Velthemia capensis is winter growing.

You should not be watering the summer-growing bulbs right now, except for
maybe an occasional sprinkle to keep the fleshy roots hydrated.

Don't panic if you have some winter-growing bulbs that haven't leafed out
yet. Some of them are earlier than others, and this is still very early in
the season for winter-growing bulbs (we just had our first rain of the
season here in my part of California, and many years we don't get rain until
the end of October). If the winter-growing bulbs don't yet have leaves in
January, then you have a problem (or the bulbs are taking a year off).

Hope that helps. Go ahead and ask more questions if you have them; we're all
glad to assist.

San Jose, CA

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