Voronof's snowdrop

penstemon penstemon@Q.com
Tue, 02 Sep 2014 11:59:27 PDT

I  imagine that Puschkinia is spelt with a "c" both because of the language
of the botanist describing it, and because the sound should be made with
several parts of the tounge used against the palette in sequence, rather
than the more open tounge for normal English pronunciation of Pushkin.

Puschkinia was described by Johann Michael Friedrich Adam (s added later), 
botanist in St. Petersburg. Being of German descent, he no doubt 
transliterated the name in the German style. Had he been French, we would be 
labeling our plants Pouchkinea or some such thing.
SCH in German is the same as SH in English.

Bob Nold 

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