Bulbs changing hemispheres

Peter Taggart petersirises@gmail.com
Mon, 08 Sep 2014 12:47:05 PDT
I agree with Alberto that to receive the bulbs newly dormant is Ideal,
after a short dormancy they may be started into growth in the new
I have had good results  with various Amarylliads, the nearest to Gladiolus
which I have converted were Freesia, Babiana and Sparaxis. Tuberous
Begonias -I have never converted.

My method with Amarylliads (seeds or bulbs),  is to plant and wait. I water
the bulbs once when I plant them. Both bulbs and seeds are kept in a cool
position indoors with good light as possible. The aim is to simulate that
season ,which may be Spring or Autumn, throughout the six months required
to reset their clock. In my opinion Amarylliad bulbs are much safer once
they have rooted.
The difficult point is when their natural growing season is due to start
but they have already been in growth for six months, (unless they have
delayed naturally). At that time they may try to go dormant and rot if
watering continues, even though they are starting the appropriate growing
season for their new hemisphere. Great caution is needed with water at this
time, and if need be they may be allowed a short dormancy before offering
them the chance to come back into growth. I try to avoid this short

If  Gladiolus corms are sprouting, they will require to grow in order to
make new corms. If they are not dormant then I would expect to have no
viable life without being allowed to grow, even if it is only a short
growing season. They will need to make new corms before going dormant
again. If they are still dormant, keep them that way until the correct
Babianas etc gave me no problems to convert, but they were opportunistic
winter growers. Summer growing Gladiolus will require adequate heat to be
kept in growth.

I would expect the Begonias to survive if kept cool ( and dark) until
Spring in their new hemisphere. If they insist on growing I would plant
with heat and allow to go dormant before spring, then start into growth
late in Spring.

Peter (UK)

On 8 September 2014 04:02, Jane McGary <janemcgary@earthlink.net> wrote:

> The following question came via the website from Keshab Pradhan in
> northern India:
> I just got some bulbs of Amaryllis, Gladiolus and tuberous Begonias from
> New Zealand. Since it is from southern hemisphere where it is spring the
> bulbs are in sprouting condition. We grow them here in February. Is it
> advisable to let them grow or keep them in refrigerator till our planting
> season. Grateful for advice from any quarter who has some knowledge on
> it..Thanks.

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