question about Cyrtanthus hybrids BX 346

Roy Herold via pbs
Mon, 08 Sep 2014 17:05:26 PDT
Hi Hans,

I wish I did have more information, but don't.

I acquired both of these cyrtanthus around 1990, back when Logee's was 
decidedly old fashioned and the internet hadn't been invented.

At that time, a friend saw #17 in bloom at Logee's, and just had to have 
it. It was *not* for sale, but he managed to beg a bulb from the 
notoriously stingy owner for a mere $30. He later shared it with me, and 
I'm grateful to have the BX as a vehicle for sharing it with others.

A year later, I visited Logee's in January, and marveled over their 
'pit' greenhouse where the cool growing plants were thriving, with 
dozens of snowdrops in the gravel bed. #18 was then blooming, and I 
coveted it immediately. It, too, was *not* for sale but managed to find 
a way home. It turned out to be a shy bloomer, and only did so after 
filling the pot. Again, I've been happy to share it with the BX.

I do know that Logee's was buying in a lot of unusual plants from 
England around that time, and that was probably the source of the 
cyrtanthus hybrids. I have no idea about the parents aside what I can 
guess from various online pictures. #18 certainly looks like some of 
Bill Dijk's C. eucallus hybrids, but it also looks like Lee Poulsen's C. 
elatus hybrid. Your guess is as good as mine.


NW of Boston, waiting for the supermoon to come out from behind the clouds.

On 9/8/2014 7:56 AM, Hans Huizing wrote:

> Roy do you have more information on these two Hybrids?
> Could nr. 17 be a C. eucallus Hybrid?
> nr 17 is flowering just now with a beautiful, as you say, soft and
> delicate orange.
> Looks a lot like the last picture of Cyrtanthus eucallus hybrids on the
> PBS wiki.
> 17. Cyrtanthus hybrid #1 ex Logee's. Big, soft orange trumpets. Evergreen.
> 18. Cyrtanthus hybrid #2 ex Logee's. Smaller medium orange trumpets
> fading to pink. Evergreen.

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