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Sue Haffner
Sat, 13 Sep 2014 05:30:12 PDT
All the Chileflora links are broken.

Sue H.

On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 5:07 PM, Shelley Gage <> wrote:

> I had an amazing two weeks with Mauro. His brief was to show me as many
> Hippeastrums in the wild as possible and this he did. It was a fantastic
> trip and of course I saw many other amazing plants too. I hope to do the
> trip again in the next couple of years. I also spent some time at Lorenzi's
> Plantarum which was a wonderful experience.  I thoroughly recommend a trip
> to see both.
> Shelley Gage Queensland.
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> > Subject: [pbs] Mauro Peixoto's BRAZILPLANTS Support Club
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> > Some of you may have visited Mauro Peixoto's Brazilplant website <
>> or even ordered seeds from him
> from that website. He has an amazing set of plants growing in his
> shadehouses and greenhouses and on his property as well. He also goes on
> many botanizing trips looking for new species and tries to produce as much
> seed of all of his selections as possible. He is also very good friends
> with Harri Lorenzi who has opened an amazing botanical garden in Nova
> Odessa called Jardim Botânico Plantarum which also supports looking for new
> species, including bulbs. If you ever get a chance to visit Brazil,
> especially around São Paulo, you should contact Mauro and ask to go see his
> place. It is a plant wonderland. He also is in the business of taking
> people on botanical tours and birding tours but you'll have to get in touch
> with him for details about that.
> >
> > In any case, I was asking/teasing him about why he has so many
> Gesneriads and not as many bulb species, and he told me it was because he
> had so many supporters who were Gesneriad lovers and Gesneriad-related
> clubs, and not as many who were bulb lovers or amaryllid lovers, and if
> more people were egging him on to look for bulb species or produce more
> bulb seeds (and buying them), he would spend more time doing so. So I asked
> him to put together a web page explaining his support club that he has had
> going for several years now, so I could point people to that page so as not
> to break the PBS list rules. If you're interested in supporting his
> efforts, take a look at <>. It's a
> really good deal.
> >
> > (Now if we could just get local people to set up a similar kind of thing
> in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador!)
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