Acis valentina

Acis valentina (Pau) Lledó, A.P.Davis & M.B.Crespo, syn. Leucojum valentinum Pau is from Spain, Greece, and the Ionian islands where it grows in sunny rocky places. It is a fall blooming species that bears white flowers with sharp points on the outer segments. It is also different from Acis autumnalis in another way by having a six-lobed disc at the base of the ovary. Photos 1 and 2 from John Lonsdale. Photos 3 and 4 from Jane McGary, showing a cluster of bulbs flowering in a garden in Portland, Oregon, in August.

Acis valentina, John LonsdaleAcis valentina, John LonsdaleAcis valentina, Jane McGaryAcis valentina, Jane McGary

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