The table below lists the families with bulbous or geophytic species illustrated or discussed on the PBS wiki. In each of the pages below, you will find the genera that belong to that family with links to their own genera pages. In a number of cases there is no consensus among taxonomists about which family a genus belongs to and we will attempt to explain that on the relevant genus or family page.

We have decided to adapt the APG II (Angiosperm Phylogeny Group, version II, 1998) as the taxonomic guide for families. Although there is a newer version (APG III, 2009), we feel that it is possibly an unstable system and we await phylogenomic data (phylogenetic information using whole genomes) before making a major adaptation to the PBS wiki.

Agapanthaceae Agavaceae Alliaceae Alstroemeriaceae Amaryllidaceae
Anthericaceae Apocynaceae Aponogetonaceae Araceae Araliaceae
Aristolochiaceae Asclepiadaceae Asparagaceae Asphodelaceae Asteraceae
Balsaminaceae Begoniaceae Berberidaceae Blandfordiaceae Brassicaceae
Calochortaceae Campanulaceae Cannaceae Colchicaceae Commelinaceae
Convallariaceae Convolvulaceae Costaceae Crassulaceae Cucurbitaceae
Cyperaceae Dioscoreaceae Doryanthaceae Droseraceae Eriospermaceae
Euphorbiaceae Fabaceae Fumariaceae Geraniaceae Gesneriaceae
Haemodoraceae Heliconiaceae Hemerocallidaceae Hesperocallidaceae Hyacinthaceae
Hydrophyllaceae? Hypoxidaceae Iridaceae Ixioliriaceae Lamiaceae
Liliaceae Lowiaceae Marantaceae Melanthiaceae Montiaceae?
Musaceae Myrsinaceae Nartheciaceae Nelumbonaceae Nymphaeaceae
Onagraceae Orchidaceae Oxalidaceae Paeoniaceae Papaveraceae
Portulacaceae Primulaceae Ranunculaceae Ruscaceae Solanaceae
Strelitziaceae Tecophilaeaceae Themidaceae Trilliaceae Tropaeolaceae
Xanthorrhoeaceae Xeronemataceae Zingiberaceae

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