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Mary Sue Ittner Grant for Bulb Studies

The Mary Sue Ittner Grant for Bulb Research is an annual competitive grant available to PBS members to support any aspect of basic research, field-work, conservation, education, and horticultural discoveries that are geared towards "bulbs". Any plant(s) that fits the definition of a bulb as defined by the PBS Wiki will qualify.

Calls for applications are usually made in Spring of each year.

Application for 2021

Due date: March 31, 2021

Awarded Applications

2021 2020
  • Molly Carney - camas as a food crop
  • Bryan MacNeill - pollination of Polianthes
2019 2018
  • Annika Smith: "Floral diversity and dynamic evolutionary processes in three Chilean species of Tropaeolum"
  • Christian Valdes-Ibarra: "Richness and geographic distribution of Zephyranthes (Amaryllidaceae) in Mexico"
  • Samantha Hartogs: "Floral traits and pollination syndrome in Thalictrum"
  • Jesus Martinez-Gomez: "Umbel-viable Diversity in Allium!"
  • Carrie Tribble: "Phylogeography and trait evolution of the ethnobotanically important Bomarea edulis"
  • Evan Eifler: "Geissorhiza (Iridaceae), not just another pretty flower, an evolutionary epic waiting to be told"
  • Mariano Saviello: "Studies and tissue culture of the endangered Habranthus sanavirone"
  • Cody Howard: "The evolutionary history of the Ledebouriinae (Asparagaceae, Scilloideae)"
  • No applications received
2014 2013

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