Off-cycle USA SX: Clivia nobilis (presumed)

Started by Emil, March 10, 2024, 12:51:53 PM

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I have harvested 20 seeds from the clivia plant of a long-standing garden client. Based on the blooms (see photo) I presume this to be Clivia nobilis, but please feel free to suggest more educated guesses, or at least know that the ID is not 100% absolutely verified. Until it is. The photo is from the exact parent plant clump, and no other clivias are around.

I have already germinated an earlier harvest of seeds from the same plant, so these seeds ARE viable but should be mailed and planted soon. Germination is slower than with Clivia miniata hybrids.

An order quantity is one seed. You may request multiple orders, and in the event I receive requests from fewer than 20 people I can then double some up. Usual SX pricing of $2 per order (1 seed) will apply plus $1 toward shipping. You can pay via usual SX/BX methods. Memberships must be up to date to order. These are coming from California and can only go to those whom I can legally ship seeds to.

To order, send your request to Because these need to ship soon, cutoff for ordering will be Wednesday 13 March, 8am PST. Make sure to include your mailing address. If you live somewhere the weather is still below freezing, think carefully about ordering.

Finally, just another plug--if you have shelf-stable geophyte seeds, please get ready to send them in to our new SX manager, Lisa, for the next big SX! Even if you think it's a common plant, other members will still appreciate the opportunity to grow it.

Emil Friend
Oakland, CA



Clivia nobilis has a small notch at the leaf tip.
Arnold T.
North East USA


Quote from: Arnold on March 10, 2024, 12:56:25 PMEmil

Clivia nobilis has a small notch at the leaf tip.

This plant does have a small notch in the leaf tip