Heating Your Greenhouse in Europe This Winter

Started by Bern, September 03, 2022, 09:59:17 AM

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David Pilling

Quote from: janemcgary on May 20, 2023, 06:06:59 PMPBS should not post an entire work,

I agree and have amended Bern's original post. PBS has been very good about respecting copyright. The world in general has not been very good about respecting PBS copyright.

Bern - hope this is OK with you. It should be possible to see that messages have been edited and who by.

These days I feel we would make more progress adopting the "it is better to ask forgiveness than permission" principle. We see plant related documents vanishing for lack of permission to preserve them.


Hi David, Thanks for editing the post. I don't want the PBS to get into trouble with the copyright police or the internet police, even for trying to post something enjoyable and uplifting.  Sigh!!!!!


Typhoon Mawar, a Category 4 storm, is now pounding Guam.  Here are some radar and satellite links that show's what's happening now. It's pretty impressive.




Here is the storm track for Super Typhoon Mawar, currently leaving Guam and heading now to vex the people on Taiwan in several days.  Great image from Zoom Earth.


David Pilling

Quote from: Bern on May 24, 2023, 08:59:39 AMthe copyright police

Copyright is a civil matter - companies will be scanning the internet to see if their intellectual property is being abused. Just what would happen - nothing or something, would be interesting to discover. In model systems like YouTube people make a living by issuing false copyright claims.

It's all a bit different in the wild world of the real internet. As likely as not, if you're on the 42nd page of Google and/or have no money no one will bother.

David Pilling

Quote from: Bern on May 24, 2023, 01:29:40 PMthe storm track for Super Typhoon Mawar

Nice to see the laws of Physics in action. Interesting to see how all those places are close together.

Martin Bohnet

Quote from: David Pilling on May 19, 2023, 05:07:16 PMAs they say Mickey Mouse will never be in the public domain, because the copyright keeps getting extended.
Actually, I think Mr Mouse is one of those that have de-facto passed into public domain because their pop culture relevance is too big to be contained. At a certain degree of this copyright control becomes an illusion, as anyone can scribble down a set of Duckburg or Mouseton-based characters (those two have actually joined in German translation, there has always been one Entenhausen for me). Buggs Bunny and Star Trek qualify for this, Tolkin likely, too. Others are about to do the jump, e.g. that Kingdoms from Westeros or the world of the TERF who shall not be named.

There are the letters of the laws and there is reality. If something is beloved by too many people it is unstoppable by the copyright owners.  Ma knitted me a Mickey Mouse sweater when I was in Kindergarden. I'm quite sure she didn't pay for the rights. Even though the pattern was from a DIY Magazine I seem to remember it was a copied page.
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)

David Pilling

"Dont' mess with the mouse" is the phrase used about Disney.

I was once done for infringing a trademark, not fun, lot of worry, although at the end of the day it cost me nothing, because I had not taken any trade from them. They were in the process of selling the trade mark and had carried out an internet search.

Hard to know what goes on, the UK press has a steady stream of stories about small businesses who think up plays on the names of well known brands and then get a legal letter - the last one I recall:

"Family-owned business renames Percy Pig ice cream after Marks & Spencer's friendly request"


I bought some airline tickets yesterday and I could not believe it when United Airlines showed me how many kilos of carbon dioxide was being formed for the seats I purchased.  This is something I have never seen before.  I'm not sure what it means in the larger scope of things.  But, I don't like it a bit.

I went back to United today to work up an example for you to see.  Here it is.

Is this leading to a carbon tax for airline flights?  Will it lead to "flight shaming"?  How dare you fly on an airplane!

Does anyone know how many kilos of carbon dioxide a person produces in a year by breathing?  How dare you breathe!

United Flight CO2.jpg


"If we roughly estimate that an average person exhales about 0.66 kilograms of CO2 in a day, this means that a world population of about 7 billion people will exhale around 1.7 gigatons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.Aug 31, 2022."  New Scientist, August 31,2022

So 0.66 X 365 = 240.9 kilos of CO2 per person per year by breathing.

David Pilling

Hi Bern,

"It's official: France bans short-haul domestic flights in favour of train travel"

"Boss of luxury airline firm claims pets produce three times more pollution than private flights"

"Since the start of last year, a UN-backed scheme has required airlines to offset emissions above a baseline by buying credits. On December 6th the eu decided to bring airlines deeper into its carbon-trading scheme."

"Is it better to go vegan or stop flying?"

It is all as bad as you imagine.

I'd keep quiet about breathing for fear of where that will end up. There must have been jolly jests in the 50s about taxing the air you breath.

Speculation is how far all this is going to go before reality sets in, for example the UK is on course to ban all internal combustion engine cars by 2030, despite the fact that replacing them all would consume an enormous amount of metal which is not available.

Maybe there will be some slippage, maybe cheaper batteries will appear (there is progress), maybe they'll have a change of plan.

In the UK pure battery vehicles have a green square on the number plate, and you do see quite a lot now, but not enough.

Enjoy your flight, sounds excitingly exotic from the UK perspective.


Quote from: Bern on June 01, 2023, 04:22:47 PMA world population of about 7 billion people will exhale around 1.7 gigatons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

Quote from: David Pilling on June 01, 2023, 05:16:02 PMIt is all as bad as you imagine.  I'd keep quiet about breathing for fear of where that will end up.

Have the carbon crazies now concluded that people are "useless breathers"?

"First they came for the cows, and I did not speak out—because I was not a cow. Then they came for the chickens, and I did not speak out—because I was not a chicken. Then they came for the dogs and cats, and I did not speak out—because I was not a dog or a cat.  And then they came for the humans, and by then it was too late."

David Pilling

Quote from: Bern on June 02, 2023, 08:52:10 AM"First they came for the cows, and I did not speak out—because I was not a cow.

In today's news

"The Irish government intends to have the country functioning with zero carbon emissions by 2050. In order to meet such lofty aims 10% of all livestock in Ireland would need to be "displaced" in the years ahead.

In the report seen by the Irish Independent the Department of Agriculture put forward the idea of putting to death 200,000 cows to enable the agricultural sector to play its part in reducing emissions.

With farmers requiring compensation for their losses the report suggested a figure of EUR 600 mln would be sufficient."


David Pilling

...then there's methane. After the vax thing should be no problem getting everyone to take 'anti-burp' tablets.

Martin Bohnet

Relax on that breathing thing - as long as you don't eat fossile fuels it will be regenerative CO2 somewhat recently bound by plants.
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