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The Pacific Bulb Society (PBS) was organized in Spring 2002 as a non-profit organization for the benefit of people who garden with bulbs. This includes both cold hardy and tender bulbs, and all the bulbs in between. By "garden with" we also mean to include plants, shrubs, and even trees that we grow as companions to our bulbs. Membership in PBS is open to bulb lovers around the world. We welcome all to come forward to join us in the celebration of bulbs and in mastering the challenge of gardening with bulbs. Our emphasis is on successfully growing bulbs in our yards and gardens and in sharing our successes, and our failures too, with our fellow members. Through that sharing, we will all learn to be better bulb gardeners.


Members get a quarterly printed newsletter, The Bulb Garden, with informative articles illustrated in color and a Directory of Members every other year. They can participate in the Bulb and Seed Exchange and purchase bulbs or seeds of unusual species, rarely available in commerce, for low cost. See the page Bulb Exchange on this website for details of this popular feature. The Bulb Exchange is available only to paying members, and the list of available items is announced in the forum.


Membership costs US $25 per year for US members and US $30 per year for members in other countries. Click here to join the society.


The Pacific Bulb Society runs a comunity forum. It is free to join. Anyone around the world who is interested in learning more about bulbs (and corms, tubers, and other geophytes, plants with underground storage organs) is very welcome. You do not have to be a paying PBS member to be on the forum. If you are a paying PBS member, you should subscribe to the forum to get announcements of items available through the Bulb and Seed Exchange. Click here to register to the forum to be able to see photos and to participate yourself.


The PBS maintains the Pacific Bulb Society Wiki, an ever-expanding educational resource on this website. On the wiki there are pictures of plants photographed by our members in their gardens and in nature. There is also a lot of helpful information.


If you have any questions, you can click here to contact the person who can help you.


For a list of vendors and other sources of bulbs and seeds recommended by our members, see Sources.