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General Discussion / Re: Oxalis ID question
September 08, 2023, 11:33:30 AM
Another possibility is 4960B.
I wasn't aware of the MV list on the wiki.  A useful resource.  (Thank you, David, for posting this.)
Leo posted to the PBS e mail group, too.  Robert (who supplied the seed to the SX) and I responded.  Here are the messages.

from Robert
You need to chip the seed coat.  I use a nail clipper and just nip off a tiny piece of the coat, maybe 1 mm or less so the underlying white endosperm is showing.  After you have made a chink in the armor, soaking overnight is usually enough to cause the entire seed coat to crackle.  I then sow in moist promix and they eventually emerge as two gigantic square cotyledons.  Here they aren't winter hardy, so I start in early spring in the greenhouse and plant them out in late April.

from Eugene
I agree with Robert.  I used a small file (rasp) to file a notch in the seed (three seeds, actually).  The seed coat is pretty thick.  I didn't soak them, just planted them in a pot of Pro-Mix type soil and all three germinated in less than a week.
Thank you, Robert, for supplying these seeds.

AKA Rhodophiala?
It's best to plant the seed as soon as you see the radicle.  You run the risk of breaking the root otherwise.  Cover the seed with about 1/4 inch (1 cm, more or less...) of soil.
A guess -- One of the South American Sisyrinchiums.
General Discussion / Re: Bulbs from the BX
June 14, 2022, 12:42:04 PM
Uli -- Conanthera is from Chile (desert).  A relative of Tecophilaea.