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Hello All,

Concern about greater bulb fly is always in the back of my mind.  I've lost some real treasures over the years.  Lately, I've been using unmentionable chemicals with great success.  I use them only in potted bulbs and keep saucers under the plants to control runoff.  I am well aware of the toxic troubles as I use similar chemicals (and worse) at work under protective clothing, with respirators, and in hoods.  It's very specific application and not in actual growing conditions.

Is anyone using neem to control bulb flies?  It works surprisingly well as a systemic control for other things.  Combined with spinosad, I use it to control lily leaf beetles.  For me, it is a reasonable contact kill as well as having a lasting effect for about three or four weeks.  I have found that neem can be phytotoxic in some applications. 

Does anyone have similar experiences?  Bulb fly?  Lily leaf beetle?  Is anyone using beneficial nematodes?  I know GB and the EU have banned quite a few chemicals in recent years. Any thoughts there?

From what I hear, there are non-neonicotinoid, systemic formulations that are/will be coming available in the next few years, but that's another thing.  I have yet to dive into this.

I know this can be a somewhat decisive subject but it would be great to have some discussion on more gentle or specific use pesticides.  Certainly, not all "organic" pesticides are more gentle on the environment, but perhaps there are other options.  

Thank you,
Current Photographs / June 2024
June 02, 2024, 05:56:06 AM
Last of the Tulipa, first Crinum

Tulipa sprengeri from scattered seed about 6 years ago, seed from Alan Street, makes it even more special.  He liked to scatter it along the roadsides.  

Crinum 'Schreck' that has been in the same pot at least 8 years, probably needs a little more space but blooms seem unfazed.  Scheck 6.24.jpgTulipa sprengeri.jpg
General Discussion / Tuberous Impatiens
March 21, 2024, 05:15:28 AM
Hello All,

I'm looking to purchase or trade for tuberous and/or perennial Impatiens species.  Seeds would be Ok too.  

A few I'd like to find, but there are others:
Impatiens cinnabarina 
I. flanaganae
I. gomphophylla
I. mirabilis (I know, good luck with that.)
I. tinctoria
I. rothii

To trade, I have Strumaria of various species and ages (some blooming size salterii, to 3 yr seedlings), Haemanthus a few species, Eucrosia mirabilis (3 yr seedlings), various Clivia offsets (yellow, Belgian, maybe a gardenii), more bulbs... , snowdrops (good lord, yes, snowdrop cultivars), and other non-geophytic green stuff. 

Thank you!
Interlaken, NY  Zone... right now? Winter.
General Discussion / Snowdrops - Collectors Galanthus
January 10, 2024, 07:32:48 AM
Hello All,

I'm writing at the request of Hitch Lyman and his delightful snowdrops.  For those of you unfamiliar with him, Hitch makes available exclusive collector's bulbs and new cultivars of specialty Galanthus.  Some species are available.  Old favorite are scattered throughout the catalog. They are shipped in the green, in late April to early May. 

His catalog is available now, for $5.  Mail in requests only.  If you want to order, get the catalog ASAP as he sells out quickly of the rarest selections.  The catalog was sent out this week to those individuals who ordered last season.

Please request a catalog by sending $5 to:

H. Lyman
PO Box 591
Trumansburg, NY 14886

Sales only through the catalog. 


I was given permission to make this post.  If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.  If I can't give you an answer, I can reach out to Hitch.

Thank you!

Michael Loos
General Discussion / Clivia interspecific hybrids
January 07, 2024, 01:42:49 PM
Hmm.  My carefully worded post vanished.  The gist is:

Clivia nobilis x C. miniata aurea, seed set and harvested.  Small seeds.  Very slow to germinate, VERY small seedlings, trying 1/4 strength fertilizer to push them a little, but they are still slow - only to a tiny first leaf 6 weeks after germination.  Some are still germinating, some are not even that far, but seeds are solid.  The nobilis parent was slow also, but I expected some sort of hybrid vigor.  Any suggestions?  

Maybe I'll get this to post this time?

Thank you!

Interlaken, NY z6a or something.
Current Photographs / Eucrosia and attempt to post
August 03, 2022, 01:41:17 PM
These photos were taken around February... something like that.  It's the first bloom for me, the bulb has been in my possession for somewhere around 18 years.  Purchased small, it took a while to grow and then it took longer for me to understand what it needed!  Eucrosia mirabilis appears to be self-fertile.  Seeds were amazingly quick to mature on the stalk and had decent germination.  I hope I don't have to wait 18 years for these to bloom!  We'll see if I can get this to post...Eucrosia mirabilis1.jpg Eucrosia mirabilis2.jpg Eucrosia mirabilis3.jpg