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General Discussion / Oxalis versicolor?
December 29, 2022, 05:52:15 PM
I requested Oxalis sp. from BX481 (item 98 from Robert Parks). What I received isn't O. sp., I think it is probably O. versicolor RP 2 (item 101). The flower color and leaves are dead on, however the plants (and flowers) never got any bigger than Pearlwort (Sagina subulata). It's hard to tell from the pictures I can find on our Wiki, and Google searches, since there aren't really any that include something giving a sense of scale. Is that the normal size of O. versicolor, or is the RP 2 variant maybe a dwarf?

I suppose it could also have been from the inopportune attention of a fluffy-tailed rat (aka grey squirrel) that dug the bulbs up daily until I put 1/4" of pea gravel on top of the soil (although that was many weeks before the bulbs started to grow). Said squirrel eventually offed itself when it decided to eat 10-15 Hippeastrum striatum bulbs (leaves, roots, and strawberry-sized bulbs) for lunch one day.

Zone 6A region of the Finger Lakes - where the temperatures peaked in the low fifties today, after a week around 0 F.
General Discussion / Germinating Sarracenia seeds
April 24, 2022, 01:49:12 PM
I saw a listing for Sarracenia seeds and decided to try growing some, even though I have no previous experience with Sarracenia. The seeds are for Sarracenia 'New Hybrids' mix which is described as 'Hybrids of alata, flava, leucophylla, purpurea, and their hybrids.'

Online research indicates Sarracenia germination requires the seeds to be prechilled. Some sites suggest as little as 2 weeks, some state 8 weeks or more. The information supplied with the seed packet states 'For best germination, try 6 weeks prechill, then GA-3 and light.' I have tried Gibberellic Acid (GA-3) before, and was underwhelmed by it, so I'm planning on just the prechill. Should the 6 weeks be sufficient prechill, or should I maybe wait until this fall, so that I can prechill them all winter (in the unheated garage).

Since the resulting plants will be hybrids, do I need to worry about planting more than 1 seed per pot (i.e. - will hybrid vigor be an issue prior to plant maturity)?

Any experienced Sarracenia growers care to share tips?

The seeds should arrive Tuesday(ish). Fingers crossed.