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As I'd largely be ordering wet-winter, dry-summer species, I wouldn't be placing an order until after Silverhill takes their holiday break, so January, possibly even February. I wouldn't expect to get seeds in time to plant this season even if I ordered today.

Uli: thanks for mentioning that Silverhill combined packets. I will need to make sure they *don't* do this if multiple people want the same seed, as the USDA limits the seeds per packet on a small lots permit. Such a weird limit, 50 seeds or 10 grams, and no clarification if it's the larger or smaller of the two or either are fine. (I'm trying to imagine 10 grams of Lachenalia seed!) 

Gastil, Ron: I'll keep you in the loop. If I go ahead I'll start a new thread. 


Somewhere in the Silverhill site I found shipping cost information. Shipment by courier (DHL) seems best and starts at $45. Elsewhere I learned that you also have to pay separately for shipping from USDA to final destination if you use a courier. 

I don't have 50 packets I want to order (yet!) but I'm somewhere near a dozen. Certainly have room to have others on the order to split the shipping etc.
I am also wanting to hear recent experiences with silverhill. I'm filling out the form online for my small lots permit and going from there. 

Depending on how much I end up getting I might be willing to add others onto my order.