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Thank you all!

So, now i have some methods to work with. I liked the tips from Tony Avent, even if it feels a bit unpleasent to tear the flowers apart. I also realize that I have mostly male flowers, I guess that some switch over to female till next year if they are well fed?

The snow is disappearing fast, I can see about 10% of bare ground outside now.

Thank you Uli!

Yes, they are kept indoors right now, but sometimes, when we have an early spring some of them are kept ouside for most of the growing season, but there seem to be low interest for them from the pollinators. This year we have a very late spring, we received 10 cm of extra snow the last days so i guess I will miss the time frame with flowering and suitable outdoor conditions. Otherwise my next plan was to attract insects by adding some honey into the inflorescence.
I have several Arisaema flovering while the snow is still deep outside. No pollinating insects anywhere. I trapped some flies and tossed them into the flowers and covered the entrance so they couldn't escape. My question is: are the Arisaemas self fertile or do I have to move the damned fly to the next flower? Or do anyone have a better idea about the pollination? It's actually not a big problem, they produce a lot of offsets, but it would be nice with some seeds. / Åke