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Quote from: Martin Bohnet on June 23, 2022, 08:44:44 AMI admit I'm a bit confused - did you continually force your Albuca spiralis
to summer growth? I wouldn't expect mine to stir before September, and we're on the same hemisphere.
I only watered the one that flowered when leaves popped up. Other than that the others have shown little evidence of anything.

Any idea why the bulb lost its growing point? Assuming its a true bulb the basal plate seems intact so it might have a chance.
General Discussion / Albuca bulbs not leafing out
June 22, 2022, 04:53:41 PM
I have had Albuca spirals for several years, all from seed of various sources. Every year they leaf out early, and then flower.

One pot showed little foliage but bloomed nicely which others did nothing.

One pot shows the tip of the bulb missing (no pill bugs or evidence of mice damage to the surface of the media.)

The other image is a crowded seed pot with nothing.

The only change was leaving them outside in the winter.... okay, thats a big change, but I am in Santa Cruz CA along the coast in what is called Sunset zone 17. Too cold?

guessing you already knew about the Deno....
Very helpful, thank you both.

The Deno book is available online as a pdf.

I am a new member with a full packet of seeds  :)

I have years of experience with cactus and succulent seed propagation and one of the keys is best time of the to sow them.

I really don't want to list all 20 of the seed packs I have, mostly to avoid someone spending time looking up something that I can (besides this I guess).