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General Off-Topic / It rained yesterday
July 26, 2023, 11:56:41 PM
It rained yesterday!  The rain was not measurable in inches or even in millimeters.  The best measure I can think of is 137 droplets per windshield.  But it rained! :D
PBS Members Affairs / Membership directory
July 26, 2023, 01:19:12 PM
Somebody added an 'a' to my last name. The correct spelling is Rosenblum.  Please correct it in the next issue.

When I joined PBS last October, the lists were very active-with several entries on most days.
Since the Forum opened, traffic on the lists has declined dramatically while traffic on the forum has not increased much at all! I joined primarily because the information being exchanged was really valuable. I'm sure other users of the lists found it valuable as well. The change of format certainly does NOT decrease its value; and has great potential to enhance it.  Let's not give up the value of the information exchange because of a change of format!
I am very pleased that in the course of the last 2.5 years I managed to lose over 100 lbs
[45.5 kg].  However, this morning when I put on a pair of underpants, I was very disconcerted a few seconds later to find them around my ankles. What was disconcerting was the looming cost of wardrobe replacement.
General Discussion / Ranunculaceae
May 06, 2022, 06:26:40 PM
Until recently i was led to believe that the entire family had rhizomes.  I was recently informed that some Delphiniums did not.  Could someone knowledgeable elaborate on the subject?
PBS Forum Feedback & Help / logged
May 03, 2022, 07:18:51 PM
The word logged is associated with some posts and not with others. What is the significance?
I was thinking that it might encourage discussion and showing off one's treasures to have separate headings for popular bulb families i.e. Iridaceae, Amarylidaceae, Ranunculaceae, etc.

It seems to be well used on the SRGC forum.

Why do you suppose members are so slow to transition to the Forum from the List?
Bulb and Seed Exchanges / January 2022 exchange
April 22, 2022, 11:51:09 PM
I notice that the BX history link on the home page does not include this.

Is there a reason for its exclusion?
Miy Diplarrena seeds planted  25 days ago are now strong healthy seedlings with rhizomes formed but no leaf yet.

In the past after months I got only a small percentage germinated.  This time i diluted KNO3 1/4 tsp/liter; and soaked the seeds in that solution for 5 minutes before planting. It works very similarly to GA3 in other genera.
User Profiles / MarcR
April 21, 2022, 11:48:50 PM
I am in the mid Willamate Valley, about 8 miles SSW of Dallas.  about midway between Dallas and Monmouth.  My soil is sandy loam with a lot of gravel and humus.

My featured family is Iridaceae. I grow all the North American genra except Nemastyllis and Mastigostyllis.
I grow all the South African genera except: Duthiastrum, Geosiris, Klattia, and Witsenia {which I very much want to obtain}.
Of the South American genera, I grow: Calydorea, Cipura, Cypella, Ennealophus, Gelesine, Herbertia, Libertia, Kelissa, Neomarica, Olsynium, Phallocallis, Rigidella, Sisyrinchium, Tigridia, and Trimezia.
Of the Tasmanian genra I grow both Diplarrenas, Libertia, Isophysis, Orthosanthos , and Patersonia.

Other families strongly represented are Liliaceae, Amarylidaceae Alstroemeriaceae, Asparagaceae, Araceae, Ranunculaceae, Fumariaceae, and Hyacinthaceae.

The following [mostly] non-geophyte families are also strongly represented:

Campanulaceae Ericaceae, Theaceae, Malvaceae, Scrophulariaceae [including Plantaginaceae  movements] Primulaceae, Bignoniaceae, and Violaceae.

There is also an eclectic mix from many other families.

I am a retired teacher.