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Current Photographs / Re: Sept. photos
September 13, 2023, 12:07:36 AM
This particularly elegant form of Amaryllis belladonna is flowering for the very first time in my garden. The bulbs were given to me some years ago and were originally raised from wild collected seed. I like the faint touch of pink in the white flowers.

General Discussion / Re: Oxalis ID question
September 09, 2023, 11:50:59 PM
Thank you, @Marc,

I looked at the Michael Vassar accession list but the number 76013 does not exist, neither a number 760B.

I have not yet contacted the supplier of this particular Oxalis, maybe he knows.

Dear Members living in the EU
The EU Seed and Bulb Exchange will go online next weekend. There will again be some interesting and rare material on offer. It will be announced again through the same channels so you will not miss the ordering time window. This is just another reminder.
If you still have some items to be included in this first round, there is still time to send it to Martin. Otherwise there will be a second round in October and the donation period remains open until further notice.
Please send your donations to
Martin Bohnet
Ludwig str. 1
73035 Göppingen
And please send Martin an email or a private message through the Forum so that he will know about your donation. His email:
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come back to me (Uli)
Martin and Uli
General Discussion / Re: Oxalis ID question
September 08, 2023, 03:54:23 PM
Hello David and Eugene,

Thank you very much for trying to help. But unfortunately I did not get any further. I grow MV 4960B which differs from the odd 96013. however, I will check more closely once the two are in flower. Your explanation, @Eugene, sounds very plausible. 
@David, the number 6018 on Michael Vassar's accession list does not give any information on the plant.

Thank you again 


General Discussion / Oxalis ID question
September 03, 2023, 03:54:07 AM
Dear All,

Right now I am sorting my bulbs and try to update labels and lists.

I have a problem identifying an Oxalis. The label says O. luteola MV 96013. I checked the Michael Vassar accession list on the Wiki and such a number does not exist. His numbers stop with 7693. It is listed as MV 96013 in the bulb list of ELDA, that is where I got it from. My label says: golden yellow winter flowering.
I know that Michael Vassar sometimes added a capital ,B' to his field numbers, maybe someone has taken a capital B for the number 13? But even with this in mind I cannot find it. The first figure 9 does not exist in the MV field notes.

Can someone help?

Thank you very much 


See my dormant Oxalis collection below...... smile....
Current Photographs / Re: August 2023 photos
August 31, 2023, 08:06:12 AM
This is the set of tubers from Dracunculus canariensis. Interesting to see that it produces stolons. Some are still attached to the mother tubers, whereas with others the attachment point had withered and the stolon is detached. These are seed grown plants but I remember having seen wild plants in habitat in Tenerife always growing in colonies. The ball pen serves as a comparison for scale.

Here is another link to another reputable nursery in Austria, I checked Jelitto and Chiltern seeds, they do not list it.

The owner of the Sarastro nursery often travels to the US, I do not know him personally but he might be able to help.

Hello Bern,

Here is a link to a reputable German nursery specializing in perennial plants, often rare ones. No idea if they would be sending to the US. They do not state that the plant is dioecious.

Maybe this helps?

Thank you, David for this explanation 

What do you mean by horses for courses?
Please don't forget that not everybody in this world is a native English speaker.....
Hello Peter,
Waking up dormant winter growing bulbs in autumn seems to depend on several separate factors. As you say, cooling temperature, especially soil temperature and moisture. I dont know about day length because underground bulbs cannot really "see" the daylight, but it might also play a part.
I find some bulbs do seem to have an internal clock because they sprout regardless of temperature or moisture (are they the day length dependent ones?) and with others it seems to be a combination of all factors.
I do not water my adult dormant bulbs, neither in the ground nor in pots. But I use large pots of at least 6 litres (see my article in the Bulb Garden about Companion Planting) But I do water my dormant seedling bulbs with a light overhead watering by hand with a fine rose every 4 weeks or so. They are in square 8x8x9cm pots and would dry too much if not lightly watered. All pots with dormant plants are kept in shade during dormancy because otherwise the black plastic pots wout become far too hot. If I do not move them early enough the plastic labels would deform from the heat.
General Discussion / Re: Leggy Cyclamen seedlings
August 23, 2023, 03:10:05 PM
No, don't discard them. That has also happened to me. I recommend fertilizing them and gradually give more light but take care not to burn them. The fertilizer will probably induce a new set of ,,normal" leaves and the problem is solved.
I pot my seedling bulbs up into bigger containers only after they start to grow in their second season. This way it is easy to judge which ones need potting up and which ones don't. If the pot looks overcrowded I repot,  if not I leave them in the original pot for another season or even two. I have never ever lost seedlings this way. But of course, I don't undo the rootball and would not dream to separate them. 
Regardless if potted up or not, all seedlings which start into new growth get their first dose of a balanced fertilizer low in nitrogen.

Current Photographs / Re: August 2023 photos
August 22, 2023, 05:42:06 AM
Hello Wylie,

Also more color intensive than mine, very nice!

Current Photographs / Re: August 2023 photos
August 21, 2023, 02:07:14 PM
Hello Wylie,

Is the picture showing the Crinum or the Amaryllis? I know that Rose Foncé is variable in color but this one is exceptional if it is not the Crinum.
The bulbs I photographed are stealing some water from a nearby irrigation, all the others, including Fred Meyer's White are still dormant. It is very hot and dry here.....