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It was a tough week, real life wise, but now everything's on the way - I know a few packages have already arrived, everything else is in the hand of the almighty DHL.

Please drop me a line on arrival.

And don't forget: Donations for the second spring distribution are still welcome!
General Discussion / Amendment to APHIS PPQ 587 per...
Last post by Robin Hansen - Yesterday at 05:13:06 PM
If you review the APHIS website you will see references to an amendment form for PPQ 587. However, in all my searches I have not found said permit.

Does anyone know if there is such a form or would it simply be easier to file for a new PPQ permit. (Small Lots of Seed Permit for those unfamiliar with this USDA-APHIS form.

Mystery Bulbs / Unidentified Scilla species
Last post by Bateman’s1634 - Yesterday at 02:53:18 PM
Trying to ID this bulb, almost certainly Scilla rather than Hyacinthoides as there is one bract below each flower. Peduncle 12cm - 15cm, 3-7 leaves. Pyramidal with lower flowers opening first moving upwards. Flowers typically blue with some pale almost white variants, see photos. UK zone 8. I have one species in mind but won't lead your ideas by mentioning which. Thanks, Len
Mystery Bulbs / Narcissus species?
Last post by Diane Whitehead - Yesterday at 11:46:49 AM
This narcissus is in an old garden behind the coach house of a mansion built in 1906.

I have never seen a daffodil with a sharply kinked stem like this one.  Could it be a species?
General Discussion / Re: Plants in the News
Last post by David Pilling - Yesterday at 03:40:57 AM
Plants emit ultrasonic sounds in rapid bursts when stressed, scientists say

Thirsty or damaged plants produce up to 50 staccato pops in an hour, which nearby creatures may respond to, researchers find

Current Photographs / Re: Veltheimia bracteata
Last post by CG100 - March 30, 2023, 11:56:47 PM
It is usually a very dependable flowerer once the bulb is large enough.
Mine flower in tiny pots on an indoor windowsill. Totally dry for the summer, they may or may not lose all leaves.
General Plants and Gardening / Re: Plants on TV
Last post by David Pilling - March 30, 2023, 07:23:29 PM
Quote from: Diane Whitehead on March 30, 2023, 05:57:55 PMDoes one need to pay to subscribe?

No. It is just a YouTube channel - free. There might be adverts, I pay to not get those
General Plants and Gardening / Re: Plants on TV
Last post by Diane Whitehead - March 30, 2023, 05:57:55 PM
I just clicked on the link you gave.  They have a lot of videos.  Does one need to pay to subscribe?

General Plants and Gardening / Re: Plants on TV
Last post by David Pilling - March 30, 2023, 01:47:53 PM
I appear to be subscribed to:

"Mad about bulb plants!

The channel will serve to showcase some of the habitats and plants in situ from the Highveld and other regions in South Africa."
General Off-Topic / Re: Heating Your Greenhouse in...
Last post by David Pilling - March 30, 2023, 01:44:46 PM
A pity the cameras at Salisbury don't have sound, one could listen to the clock chime.