Hippeastrum evansiae

Started by Uli, April 29, 2022, 03:57:14 PM

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Dear All,
Having offered seed of Hippeastrum evansiae
to the curent EU BX, here is a portrait of the plant: relatively small bulbs for a Hippeastrum, stoloniferous, so that the pot is relatively quickly filling with bulbs. But it resents root disturbance. My plant is one clone and during more than 20 years has never set seed. Now, with a second clone it did both ways. H. evansiae is fully decidouus and flowers before the new leaves appear. The relatively small flowers open flat, are slightly asymmetric. They are yellow with a greenish throat, several to a scape, not detectable fragrance. Good bulbs produce two scapes so that a potful gives a good display. The leaves hang downwards and are greyish green and soft, it is best grown warm in filtered sunlight. During growth it needs ample water and fertilzer from time to time, dormancy is totally dry. Like all Amaryllids it is prone to mealy bug infestations. The offered seed is very fresh.
Bye for now,
Algarve, Portugal
350m elevation, frost free
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Hi Uli & all,

Some of the South American enthusiasts for Hippeastrum have started referring on Facebook to this species as something like "Hippeastrum evansiorum" but I note that IPNI still lists it as Hippeastrum evansiae  [ https://www.ipni.org/?page=4&q=hippeastrum  ].   Sometimes there is historical justification for changes like this, but I haven't heard any grounds for this change. 

Besides, I am getting pretty old, and I just generally don't like change anymore!

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