Non-bulbous flower pictures

Started by KenP, April 22, 2022, 09:35:57 AM

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Gazania linearis Colorado Gold. While not a bulb it is a great flower. Happily overwinter and in flower.

Martin Bohnet

I know some will find Clematis alpina boring compared to the huge Clematis Hybrids out there, but I love their natural charm. Next is Cydonia, the Quince tree, which imho already could be grown for the flowers alone - doesn't mean I would want to miss the fruit.

Last two pictures are my Shima Dajin tree peony  - yes, I know they're on the wiki, but those at least don't belong there in my opinion - they are so much a shrub, more shrubby isnt't possible. Yes, that is one plant, grown from a little 20 cm stalk planted in fall 2013.
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)



Here's the Korean Quince Cydonia sinensis.


Phacelia viscera spotting the hillsides in a burned area.  Aphyllon fasciculatum growing in the middle of the newly exposed trail...presumably there is an Eriodiction root under there too.