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Started by illahe, May 02, 2022, 06:33:14 PM

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Hi All, 
Excited to be using the new forum! I got this in an exchange a few years ago, it blooms off and on all summer, seems to be hardy, flowers last a few days at the most, it sets dark black seeds in profusion. I was thinking maybe a Zephyranthes of some sort as I was collecting a lot of those at the time, but it does seem to have thicker, more succulent leaves than a lot of the other species I have?

Would love it if someone recognizes it!

Thank you,


Looks like a white rainlily

Arnold T.
North East USA


Thanks Arnold, 

That would be Zephyranthes candida? 



Looks more like a Habranthus robustus, Mark.

The flowers can be either white, or a light pink. Sometimes, they start out as one color, and then fade to the other after a few days.

Lee Poulsen

If it's blooming right now in the northern hemisphere, it looks a lot like Cooperia pedunculata, which I think is now officially supposed to be called by its synonym, Zephyranthes drummondii, now that everything has been lumped into Zephyranthes. Also known as Hill Country Rain Lily or Prairie Rain Lily. Mine just finished flowering but mine are in a large pot. I've never seen them flower in such a small pot. They also just finished their first flush of flowers in the neighborhood around my sister's house in Austin, Texas.
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Thanks Lee! Yes, it is blooming now in Salem, Oregon.  I'm headed to visit my sister in Dripping Springs, Texas which is not far from Austin in Mid June. I wonder if they will be blooming then and I can compare?


If this is Zepheranthes drummondii it is very fragrant and has grayish leaves