Seed import to US via airport

Started by Emil, May 15, 2022, 02:13:05 PM

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I'm going to the Chelsea Flower Show later this month, as well as visiting a lot of British and Dutch gardens and a few nurseries. I anticipate wanting to bring some seed packets back to the US. Cyclamens and such. Or is there some legal allowance for this? Should I just put them in packed luggage and hope for the best? It seems the small lot import permit is for seed that will go through a processing facility as opposed to being brought through customs with the purchaser. 

Thanks for your help!


After all that walking you will have some dirty socks. Seed in socks, socks rolled up in a ball. Has not failed the writer.

Diane Whitehead

Dirty socks may mask the smell of seeds.

Canadians are allowed to import most seeds.  Once when I was coming home with dozens of packets I had bought, and declared,  a sniffer dog in the airport came up and sat beside my suitcase till I had pulled every packet out to show the inspector.
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