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Started by Jan Jeddeloh, April 30, 2022, 07:40:36 PM

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Jan Jeddeloh

OK gang what do I have here?  It's blooming happily in a pot labeled crocus.  My best guess is scilla litardierei.  What do you think? It's kind of a pretty thing.  I may go out in my sand bed rock garden out front.

Now let's see if I can post a picture.

Jan Jeddeloh, Portland, Oregon, USAIMG_1256.jpg


I've had these at my home forever.  Not sure of the ID. As you can see from the images colors range from blue to pink and white. My best guess is Hyacinthoides hispanica due to the nodding flowers.

See PBS Apparently distinguishable from Hyacinthoides non-scripta by upright, not nodding, scapes.

"Conservationists believe the main threats to native bluebells in England are 'global climate change' and hybridization with 'Spanish bluebells' (Hyacinthoides hispanica) escapees from gardens, for now they remain prolific. Compared with other species, H. non-scripta has white anthers, as against blue anthers."

The Anthers in these cases  have the color of the petals in this case.

Arnold T.
North East USA

Martin Bohnet

consider me confused - @Arnold , do you want another plant IDs or do you offer Hyacinthoides hispanica
as ID if what Jan suspects to be Scilla litardierei
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)



No not sure of the ID.  I would consider sending a box full to the BX. Just wanted to be sure of the ID.

Corresponding with Rimmer we both  think it's H. non-scripta

 From B. Mathew, The larger Bulbs.
"Regarding H. non-scripta:  It grows to 35 cm in height with a rather one sided lax raceme of blue, pink or white long bell-shaped flowers. The raceme bends over at the apex , a point of difference between it and H. hipanica, and in addition the anthers are creamy-white."

So it  the apex that is bent over not necessarily the individual flowers.



Arnold T.
North East USA


It is neither Hyacinthoides non-scripta nor H. hispanica. It may be what used to be called Scilla verna (I don't know what split genus it's now in), which is flowering here right now (first week of May) and might have seeded in with a plant Jan got from me.



Thanks, I can put a name on it now.

Arnold T.
North East USA


No Arnold, i said it was not English Blue Bells or H non-scripta. But more likely the weedy Spanish Blue bells 

Here is H non-scripta 'WaveTree' blooming last week. It is smaller.  
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