Fuchsia Boliviana Leptotes Bicolor an Epi and Echinopsis

Started by Mike Lowitz, June 02, 2022, 08:47:17 PM

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Mike Lowitz

I have had pieces of this particular Fuchsia Boliviana for over a decade....gets weedy if not trimmed up each Spring.

A hummingbird magnet and some of the most elegant hanging flowers Ive grown.

Leptotes Bicolor is a great easy to grow small orchid

Unknown Epi. Cactus....Got this at one of the sales by the Epi society locally many years ago.

Echinopsis Salmon Queen one of my favorites....( just not very salmon colored)

what non bulbs are blooming for you right now?



My piece of Fuchsia Bolivianna came from some woods I bought. It was just growing up there, wild. I liked it so much I got the white form from a dealer in France. They look good side by side.DSC_9055.jpg