Cyrtanthus Mackenii

Started by Mike Lowitz, June 07, 2022, 08:22:56 PM

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Mike Lowitz

Cyrtanthus Mackenii 

San Diego


Isnt Cyrtanthus mackenii supposed to bloom in mid winter like early January in the north?
Latitude: +36.99028 (36°59'25.008"N)
Insolation: 5.85 to 1.64 kWh/m2/day

Martin Bohnet

The wiki states it to be quite oportunistic - I have one flowering in June, but of course that one was off-balance from the very beginning as it was a direct import from SABulbCompany. It actually was in flower until 2 days ago - when the flower stalk was shreddered by slugs. selectively the flower. I hate those fiends.
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