Started by Hyakinthos, June 08, 2022, 10:24:27 AM

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Hello, my name is Marvin, 
I'm 29 and I'm from Rheinhessen in Rheinland-Palz, Germany.
Until recently, I was working as a horticulturist in a botanical garden,
but unfortunately this is no longer possible for health reasons.
But I still have plants as a hobby!
To my collection:
In the past my focus was very much on monocots,
usually genera from the former family Ruscaceae and Convallariaceae,
but they are often very maintenance-intensive,
so the collection has simply changed several times
And for some time I have been focusing on
Commelinaceae, Gesneriaceae, few Cactaceae and other familys.
I also restart my collection of neotropical Oxalis
and I started to collect more Primulaceae especially species from Lysimachia.
I'm still working as a volunteer in a castle
where I help to reconstruct the  plant collection by using texts, paintings,
pictures etc. :)

And here are some pictures of some of my plants ( not all geophytic in this post):

Achimenes antirrhina


Achimenes grandiflora

Begonia grandis subsp. sinensis


Commelina africana

Commelina benghalensis

Pinellia ternata

Primulina tabacum

Siderasis fuscata

Standfieldiella imperforata

Vincetoxicum fuscatum

Vincetoxicum nigrum

Ruscus streptophyllus



Hello, Marvin

Welcome to the forum ;D  Lovely plants... very well grown.
Marc Rosenblum

Falls City, OR USA

I am in USDA zone 8b where temperatures almost never fall below 15F  -9.4C.  Rainfall 50"+  but none  June-September.  We seldom get snow; but when it comes we get 30" overnight.  soil is sandy loam with a lot of humus.  Oregon- where Dallas is NNW of Phoenix.