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Started by ertae, June 19, 2022, 11:00:39 AM

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OK, last try on this one: The only thing obvious here is that we define "Empirically evident" in different ways. To me it is empirically evident that a "God" (male, female, diverse, united or split in sub-deities), quite similar to a "nation" or or an "Ideology" is a socio- psychological construct, gaining indirect power through the real people believing in it/them/him/whatever - mind you, not in the Terry Pratchett way, but through the actions of those people.

I'm happy to discuss those two very different points of view of the two of us, and invite others to join in

End of the text from the User Martin - now here's the message from the Administrator Martin: Find a constructive, on topic way to contribute to this forum's on topic area. When you've proven your interest in geophytic plants, which is the purpose of this forum, I'll re-open this discussion - not a second earlier.

no one can awake those who are pretending to be sleeping, nor one can wash the stool. so i admit my defeated.

now what you will conclude ? that there is no father before our birth ? alright there is no father before our birth, and we dont know his gender, address, how he is or anything about him. happy now ?
and i thought that real mother ( or recognized agent of Lord Krishna such as Srila Prabhupada ) knows it that our father is male, is person. and his name, addrress and everything she knows it.

but its fun that immature childerns nowdays are going to give us there testimonies. ( just see the folly of them that they thing that they are going to be heard as well, waha! )

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you have been warned.

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