Need Someone to Replace Greenhouse Polycarbonate Roof

Started by Judy Glattstein, June 10, 2022, 05:03:02 AM

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I pull shade cloth over my greenhouse by tying a rope to one end, throwing the rope over the greenhouse and then pulling it over.  Once I get that end of the cloth to the other side, I untie and spread, using a long pole if needed.  The cloth is then adjusted and secured to the greenhouse by way of ropes through the grommets.  My shade cloth is some I purchased for my graduate research some forty years ago. I'm amazed it's still in decent condition.  

Judy Glattstein

Greenhouse Roof was replaced yesterday.  I knew the polycarbonate had yellowed. But not How Much it had yellowed.

All is well that ends well.

Greenhouse Roof Replacement_2022-09_up ladder and through roof.jpg

Judy Glattstein

The seasons change, and plants move. Excellent timing! for the greenhouse roof replacement not quite a week ago. Then, the weather was sunny and mild, with a light breeze. Now that we're beyond the equinox, autumn has made itself known. Last night tiptoed below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Oops! So today, with the help of a hand truck, I have moved the large pot of Crinum powellii into said greenhouse. Also four pots of xAmarcrinum (two of which are still in flower) and a pot of Agapanthus 'Peter Pan'.

I really do not need four pots of xAmarcrinum but do not have the strength of character to leave them out to freeze. And since they've made offsets - well, shipping for something semi-ordinary is probably not worth it.

The eucomis in a sheltered site will move into the basement for their long winter nap. Pots of assorted other tender bulbs that accept a winter dormancy.

David Pilling

Hi Judy -  glad the greenhouse worked out - amusing photo of the bloke on the steps, but not health and safety compliant to stand on the top step like that  :)

Change is coming to the garden here too - the new Spring bulbs have arrived - I am still picking climbing beans and tomatoes but their days are numbered. When the tomatoes go, the tender plants will migrate into the "big" greenhouse.

In the olden times there might have been frost in September, now December is more like it. Some years there is no frost all Winter long.

Diane Whitehead

My, David. I can tell when I've had frost - the dahlias are dead.  So you have dahlias still blooming for Christmas?
Diane Whitehead        Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
cool mediterranean climate  warm dry summers, mild wet winters  70 cm rain,   sandy soil

David Pilling

Diane, it is not that simple. Plants here run out of light and warmth - they stop growing, it's like being in a fridge, days of 4C with little light. There is also the need to clear the decks to plant Spring bulbs. The Dahlias will have the tops chopped off and be put in the garage all too soon. They will survive left in the ground, as long as the ground is not disturbed by the gardener's spade.

Here the garden is a postage stamp and stuff has to be moved for the next season.

My usual complaint is with the annual Cosmos, which in their raw state want to grow six feet high and flower on Christmas day. That does not fit in with the plan, which calls for them to flower at 2 feet high in August - as a result I buy seeds which are designed for the gullible.