not Notholirion thomsonianna

Started by gastil, August 16, 2021, 11:50:40 AM

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In 2012 I received item BX316 #6 as Notholirion thomsonianum donated by JMcG.
Today (16 August 2021) I saw the first bloom. Mine is definitely not that species, clear when compared to the wiki:

It is quite lovely and vigorous and even though it is not blue, I like it.
One theory is perhaps some seed volunteered into this pot. The originally planted species may be long gone.
I repotted this in Oct 2020 and I always photograph bulbs when repotting so I can dig up (figuratively) that photo to help identify.
This is why I hesitate to post any bulb or seed photos to the wiki until they are verified in bloom.
on the central coast of California


The mystery bloom looks to me like
Habranthus robustus

I have in the past grown some Habranthus but I do not recall having seen it form seed. And it was growing in a different place, in the ground, not where seed could fall into pots. Still, seed blows around. So I'll go with that theory, that I lost the original and this Habranthus colonized the pot.

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on the central coast of California


Here is the photo of the bulbs when I repotted these on 10 October 2020.
Notice the old label is included in the photo, upper right.

on the central coast of California

Martin Bohnet

All I can say is that these Bulbs look a lot like Amaryllids, so Zephyranthes is a likely candidate. That said, both Zephyranthes and Notholirion don't like me much, so I'd probably fail with both....
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Can we type in here as well? I wuite like this, to be honest


Gastil's photo isn't N. thomsonianum (see my new post under that topic), nor did I ever send seed of that, because I have only one flowering clone and it is self-sterile. I have donated small bulbs of the Notholirion in the past, however.


Notholirion thomsonianum
Bulbs look like these with ribs