BX 482 Donation Request

Started by Bwosczyna, June 30, 2022, 11:35:49 AM

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Hello, Everyone,

I had quite an experience with the first big BX I handled and I learned a lot. A LOT.
It went fairly smoothly and some hiccups occurred but overall, I hope most folks were satisfied.

I have taken a breather, attended to my garden and am advised by a few donors that it's time for another.  I admit I am happy about this as it has been my desire to get us back to more frequent BXs. 

Therefore, kindly take stock and send me your extras! The deadline for donations will be Sunday July 17. If you have things that you wish to send, but cannot get to them timely (vacations, etc, I understand.  Please send along afterward but do advise me that you are sending (bulbexpbs@gmail.com) so I can keep an eye out; I'm not opposed to small BXs in between seasonal offerings).  I plan on posting a list the following weekend.  I still have some dormant bulbs from the last BX and will offer them as well. 

I hope everyone is enjoying summer.