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Started by Bwosczyna, July 11, 2022, 08:36:12 PM

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Hi Everyone:
I have received a donation of things that cannot wait for BX 482 in a couple weeks.
Member Amy Olmstead has sent the following:

1. Sauromatum giganteum (10). I have attached a picture of mine in flower.

2. Juvenile amorphophallus konjac corms beginning to break dormancy (7) and

3. Cyrtanthus sp.- in active growth (approximately- 15)  Unsure of species, attaching picture. This was a pass-along plant Amy received from someone's patch that has been extant for 30 years or so.

Kindly email me at BulbexPBS@gmail.com with your order.  I intend to get these shipped by Friday, July 15, and will take orders until Thursday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.  This offer is open to members who are in good standing and I regret that I cannot ship to countries that require a phytosanitary certificate.

Thank you,
Bridget Wosczyna

Jeron Chamberlain

Any cultural information for the pass along Cyrtanthus?  Thanks

David Pilling

Hi Jeron, appologies if you've looked but there is quite a lot of cultural information about cyrtanthus on the PBS wiki, here:


Jeron Chamberlain

Thanks, I have reviewed some of the cultural information.  Since we don't have specific information about the variety and no information on its current cultivation, or the location of the donor @Bwosczyna , I am making a guess at cultivation requirements.  Looks like it might be an elatus hybrid?



The cyrtanthus was donated by Amy Olmsted (gardening in Vermont in her greenhouse), who acquired her bulbs from Nic Heckett (who gardens in Virginia) who obtained it over 30 years ago from Logee's Greenhouses in Connecticut.  That's truly all we know. I asked Nic if he had any further information and he recalls none to share.