Pop Up Crinum SX

Started by Jan Jeddeloh, August 11, 2022, 08:31:07 PM

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Jan Jeddeloh

The SX recently received some fresh crinum (Crinum bulbispermum) seed from Cynthia W Mueller.  This seed has very short viability and tonight I found that some of the germinating radicles did not look good so I need to get this seed out pronto.  Cynthia describes the seed as "my best Cr. Macowani crosses".  She sent me a couple of pictures which I will post on the forum when I'm done with this email.  

These seeds are available first come, first served.  I don't know how many requests I will get but everyone will receive at least three seeds.  Depending on the number of requests you may get a lot more.  When I'm out of seed the exchange is done.  

Please send me your requests.  Make sure you include your mailing address.  It's really hard to send seed over the internet!  

Off to post the pictures on the forum.

Jan Jeddeloh